What Sets Us Apart

Strong strategic marketing & business expertise:

Our previous experience in Brand Management and deep sense of the business gives a practical edge to our insights. We are able to dig for true consumer understanding and translate these into strategic and practical business solutions and recommendations.

Ability to get under the surface:

Farnaz's easy going and bubbly personality enables respondents of all ages and backgrounds to open up and talk freely.Farnaz also uses a number of creative tools and techniques that play a significant role in making the sessions productive and interesting.

Ali is equally creative as he is analytical. He has an uncommon aptitude to both break down problems to root cause as well as construct a mobilizing vision based on this understanding.

Speak the language:

We have multicultural backgrounds allowing us to quickly find common ground with anyone. Farnaz has lived in 6 countries across 3 continents and speaks 5 languages. Ali has lived in 4 countries and speaks 3 languages. This has helped us develop the empathy and understanding that allows respondents to share their deepest thoughts. In addition, Farnaz is fluent in Spanish and has conducted "Hispanic" projects for Fortune 500 clients including Bank of America and Rubbermaid.

"Farnaz is a terrific moderator - she is able to dig deep into the perceptions of participants and bring out unique points of view. She is thorough, extremely easy to work with, very flexible, and dead on with her conclusions"

Allison Hart,
VP Product Innovation,
Leading Financial Institution


"Farnaz's understanding of the multicultural consumer and her command of Spanish were instrumental when conducting consumer research with Hispanics,the largest and fastest-growing multicultural group in the United States"

Norma Rojas,
Ethnic & Trends Marketing Manager,


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