Our Mojo


The Thought Bubble displays endless passion, energy, and enthusiasm for brands, ideas, consumers, and clients.


The Thought Bubble uses creative tools and techniques to extract the strongest insights, that lead to the best ideas that truly resonate with consumers.

Challenge the Status Quo

This is the very definition of innovation. We've demonstrated this in every assignment. This is why we got into marketing in the first place.


The Thought Bubble truly understands Marketing. Having worked in brand management for a combined 47 years, we are able to extract the most powerful & relevant consumer insights and to translate these into specific action steps and opportunities.


The Thought Bubble is dedicated to being a true partner to its clients and the profitable growth of their brands. It is committed to excellence and attention to detail every step of the way.

"I have worked with various moderators and feel that Farnaz is among the best in the business. She is extremely thorough, professional and fully understands the scope of our project and is able to use this to great advantage in the consumer interviews. I feel that she always gives 100%, even when working late hours"

Cathy Cielenski,
Senior Product Developer,
Procter & Gamble


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