Specialists in Building Brands

The Thought Bubble is a dynamic brand consultancy that offers solid strategic marketing direction based on sharp, consumer-focused insights.

Our business is built on understanding consumers in order to create more valuable brand positioning, more effective communication, and compelling new products.

We mine for Consumer Insights, through "Qualitative Market Research" such as consumer interviews and focus groups.

We complement your product innovation process through several offerings including rigorous "Innovation Background Research", engaging "Creative Ideation sessions" which also involve consumers, as well as unique "Concept Development & Writing" capabilities.

At The Thought Bubble, we capture the consumers' thoughts, needs & desires, ideas and emotions, as well as the clients' needs and hypotheses, and bubble them up to the surface.

"Having been on the client side, Farnaz was able to thoroughly understand my business needs which was key to the research success. I also found her to be incredibly creative given the difficult nature of our task, and to be a full consultant / partner as well. The fact that she is bilingual is also a huge asset in today's marketplace, given our focus on Hispanic research"

Pam Brisley,
National Customers,
Procter & Gamble


"Farnaz is one of the most effective and creative moderators that I've worked with. Her ceaseless energy and enthusiasm played a big part in the success of our work. This applies to single day focus groups, as well as multi-day brainstorming and ideation sessions. Her ability to understand marketing implications, not just from the consumer's perception, but also in terms of business objectives brings a strong added value"

Alex Nachimson,
Global Market Research Manager,
Reckitt Benckiser


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